Eat Like You Care

This book explains how the widely-shared moral institutions that constitute our conventional wisdom about animal ethics commit us to a vegan diet. Our palate pleasure is the only justification we have to inflict suffering and death on the billions of animals we kill every year for food.
The authors are longtime vegan advocates who have produced a short and readable book that will equip every animal advocate with the necessary arguments to make not being a vegan look extreme!

Go Vegan!

The Go Vegan! with Sarah Kramer app for the iPhone and iPad includes 50 delectable animal-free recipes from Sarah’s various cookbooks plus 10 brand new ones, along with original videos and audio tips from Sarah, an emailable shopping list, and a whole lot more.

THRIVE Vegan Cooking

Interested in learning how easy and cost effective it is to make delicious vegan meals? Contact THRIVE Vegan Cooking. We offer Vegan cooking classes on a monthly basis at my home but we will also visit your location to present and demonstrate how Vegan eating not only is a healthy way to eat, but also an environmentally and animal friendly way to eat.

Creative Modeling for Vegans

Creative Modeling is a Los Angeles-based photography service for Vegans. As well as offering a traditional service for anyone seeking studio-based head shots, body shots, pet shots, or couple shots, we also do collaborative photo-shoots with vegan celebrities, models, or healthy-looking vegans who are willing to help us promote a meat-free way of life to the world!
We specialize in producing creative, vegan-promoting photos that are beautiful, sexy, and respectable.
If you’d like to get some low cost, high quality photos of yourself, please visit our website and read our “Our Services” section. If you like the idea of modeling for us in a collaborative (no money involved) project, please read our “Model for Us” section.
To support Creative Modeling and our vegan-promoting goals, please like us on Facebook at
Thank you!

Applehead Boutique

Applehead Ltd. The Couture Pet Boutique specializes in handmade and homemade pet products we make in the USA! Local to Cincinnati OH and Mainstrasse KY!
Our gourmet treats are made by us, Applehead Ltd in Mainstrasse KY. They are HEALTHY, Preservative Free and Made with Only the Finest PEOPLE FOOD Ingredients! ..And YES- We have all tasted them!
Our treats are made specifically so that EACH ingredient is deliberate to benefit your dog’s body. These are healthy treats!
Vegan Chic Pet Parents: Enjoy our Artful Wooden Pet Beds, couture clothing, leads, toys and more (coming soon!)