Vertical Garden Services (VGS)

Vertical Garden Services (VGS) works with a wide range of individual and corporate clients to help them purchase, set-up and maintain their own Tower Garden® growing system. We explain the entire process, and we help customers find the right Tower Garden Specialist for their needs.
In addition, we recruit and train independent contractors to become Tower Garden Specialists, using techniques learned from Tim Blank, the creator of Tower Garden®. Our specialists then license the VGS platform for support in marketing, lead generation, troubleshooting, and continuing education.
In total, everyone on our team is dedicated to delivering the best garden possible for our clients.

ETF Portfolio Management (ETF PM)

ETF PM created investable benchmark portfolios to provide strategic indexing solutions that deliver strong performance and material fee savings. These core multi-asset class portfolios are an important starting point for all investors.
In addition, we provide absolute return strategies that broaden diversification and reduce risk. Our active ETF trend following strategies delivered gains in the crash of 2008, with strong long-term performance.
ETF PM is also part community owned via our Pledge to Give Back. On an annual basis, we donate a percentage of each client’s advisory fees to the school or charity selected by that client.

Vegan owned business based in Thousand Oaks, CA. 

World Peace Diet

WPD.1The World Peace Diet: An idea whose time has come…

The missing book that illuminates the hidden core of our culture and helps us understand…

The World Peace Diet, which became a #1 Amazon best-seller in March, 2010, offers a compelling and liberating new understanding of our food and our culture. It has been called one of the most important books of the 21st century: the foundation of a new society based on the truth of the interconnectedness of all life. It is the first book to make explicit the invisible connections between our culture, our food, and the source of our broad range of problems—and the way to a positive transformation in our individual and collective lives.

Now translated and published in over a dozen languages, The World Peace Diet is available through online retailers & local bookstores. Whenordered from this website, books are signed by author Dr. Will Tuttle & include a free CD by the author, and also include “Intuitive Cooking” by Madeleine Tuttle

Dr. Will Tuttle Author of The World Peace DietDr. Will Tuttle is an award-winning speaker, educator, author, and musician. A vegan since 1980, his writings, music, and presentations focus on compassion, creativity, intuition, and the intersectionality of social justice, animal liberation, and environmental, health, spiritual, and peace issues.

On this website, you can find out more about Dr. Tuttle’s book, The World Peace Diet, about his writings and teachings promoting compassion and justice for nonhuman animals, and there are also links to his original piano music, his seminars and retreats on developing intuition, altruism, and meditative equanimity, and about the individualized music and art portraits he does with his spouse Madeleine.

Dr. Tuttle offers lecture presentations, workshops, and trainingsinternationally on The World Peace Diet, veganism, spirituality, effective activism, meditation, and intuition development.

See the Tour Schedule for details of upcoming events.

Animal Activist Helpline

The Animal Activist Help line is a service of Sustainable Activisim- which is a project of In Defense of Animals- Council of Sustainable Acitivism (CoSA) provides resources for our activist community to address psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, emotional, and physicial issues. 

CoSA offers tools for empowerment, dealing with anger and grief, and finding inner-peace. 

We are building a strong support network for activists nationwide in collaboration iwth Carnism Action and Awareness Network, Worldwide Prayer Circle fo Animals, Family Spirals, Vegan Spirituality and the International Vegan Collaborative.

Main Street Vegan Academy Certification Coaches


Take your vegan outreach to the next level by training to be

an MSVA-Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator (VLCE)

“Where your talents and the needs of the world collide, there lies your vocation.” — Aristotle

Your Plate vs. The Planet – The Center for Biological Diversity Surveyed Thier Membership on 4.13.2015

So excited to see an actual conservation advocacy group taking this issue seriously. They have followed the “meat industry” is the problem bandwagon in dipping their toe in the water to see how their membership is going to respond to getting real about what must be done on behalf of biodiversity. Although, we want to make it clear that, “meat” which has been the focus of thier survey, is not the primary problem they must really take on.

The primary problem is conciousness and empathy; ecological collapse is primarily due to egocentric thinking and entitlement as supreme beings on the planet. “Meat”, to too many people, actually means: “Steak” or “cow” not “fish”, not “chicken”. If I had a dollar for everytime someone said to me “I’m a vegetarian” while they were continuing to consume chicken and fish, or how many people I’ve said “I’m vegan- I eat plant products” and people ask – “Do you eat fish?” “Do you eat chicken?” or have had someone in a restaurant serve me chicken, cheese or eggs, we’d be already funded to deliver some serious educational campaigns across this country.

Furthermore, the first thing that happens when people quit “meat” is they replace it with “eggs, milk, cheese and yogurt (goat or cow)” etc. due to the pervasive livestock industry programming that “protein = animal products”, in an attempt to solve the problem. Eating more eggs and diary will not solve the myriad of problems we are facing with the animal-based agriculture. This isn’t a “meat industry” problem. This is a disconnected, animal usery based society problem based on old ignorance and a current denial that there are over 7 billion humans still inefficiently and polluting by living on animals with their cities, cars and freeways to support their culture. This path will maintain an insane system driving ecological collapse.

Thank you to the Center for Biological Diversity for your campiagn “Take the Exinction Off Your Plate”, and kindly make the subtle yet profoundly significant changes language changes to move to speaking about this in terms of “livestock and animal agriculture” instead of “meat”. The vegan community has been begging environmental organizations to get on board with addressing the most salient solution to our global crisis at human population 7 billion and growing that is literally driving our biodiversity extinction and ecological collapse and especially for the 70 billion land animals and trillions of sea animals being unnecessarily and unsustainably slaughtered every year and continues to increase with our population. Please make an unequivocal declaration that a stock free plant-based agriculture and diet is the solution that can reverse the crisis we are currently spiralling in.

Here is a letter from Nov 2011 to Bill McKibben of that you may find of interest in our efforts to collaborate with environmental groups and bring them on the path that of this major topic has been irresponsibly ommitted from the discussion for so long.

Dear Bill,

You may remember me: my name is Eriyah Flynn, and I have traveled to stand beside you, and the many activists in this room, in WDC two times in as many months in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline. The Columbus activist community, including Alec Johnson, Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman, Jason Box and Andrew Sidesinger, and many others can attest that I have been a long time, ardent, engaged and committed environmental and social justice activist. I am also a US Air Force Veteran and yet, most importantly, while doing all of this for over a decade, I have also been a vegan. Because being vegan is the LEAST I can do as a political statement of justice and non-violence towards the weakest among us who are at our mercy, and the MOST effective single discipline that can be done to reverse the path of insanity of unsustainable behaviors our species has waged against our planetary home. Being vegan does not require risk of arrest, can be extremely healthy, affordable, and can be done by everyone, NOW.

Livestock production is the 10,000 year stain on humanity’s code of so called civilized behavior, and as our population has ballooned over the last 80 years from 2 billion in 1930, to over 7 billion people in 2011; According to two reports, “Livestock’s Long Shadow” (UNFAO) and “Livestock and Climate Change” (World Watch Institute) Livestock production is now THE LEADING human cause of pollution, deforestation and ecocide causing climate change, vastly exceeding world transport. We have known this since 2006. Ecological scientists have been sounding the alarm that we have entered the 6th great extinction period on Earth. You spoke of severe energy and water scarcity and the impending loss of productive crops. Based on these facts, a vegan in a hummer does more to save the planet than a non-vegan on bicycle. The continued omission of these facts is absolute negligence contributing to our collective peril. The vegan community has been waiting since 2006 (and before) for the environmental community to acknowledge the most basic scientific empirical fact that consuming lower on the food chain is the most efficient way to live, as well as a hemorrhaging social justice issue desperate to be recognized since the times of Socrates.

If reducing the negative impacts of climate change is truly your salient objective and the situation is as dire as you depict, the environmental community must finally make the intellectually honest commitment and demonstrate the courage to get the elephant of veganism in the room, on the table of awareness, clearly, in the campaigns your organization (and other environmental, conservationist and social justice organizations) commissions going forward.  A survey of your organization’s membership would likely reveal significant numbers of vegans who also support this moral/ethical obligation and are equally confounded by this continued, weak inconsistency. Embarrassingly, climate change deniers wield this fact as leverage to marginalize our unified environmental sustainability cause and charge “hypocrite”. Gain legitimacy for our mission and make a pledge to go vegan, make it fun and issue a “go vegan” challenge to your membership. I am available for support, and I have enclosed with this letter, several documents that will assist you in this process (BTW- they are contained in an algae based plastic binder made by a local company called Univenture), and I have provided links below to these resources as well within an electronic document that will be forwarded to you directly.

My parting mental picture is an analogy of abolition:  If the animals in today’s system of exploitation were the Jews in Hitler’s concentration camps, or the slaves of our nation’s plantation owners, which side of history would you want to be on? The side of the cowards, whiners and excusitarians who were too afraid or apathetic to make a stand, or would you choose the side of the courageous that dared pull up their boots, show some discipline and urgently challenged the most powerful and dominant forces of injustice, violence and death?

I think you and I know the answer to that. They are not “a condiment” Mr. McKibben, they are individuals who deserve to be free of exploitation, and as you have so cogently and eloquently detailed in your plea for action, you know there is a lot more at stake than just our palate’s preference. Lead as I know you can. The earthlings who share this planet are counting on you to live up to your potential.

Love life, live vegan!

Eriyah Flynn


Vegan Shift

“Cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency asks the question, Is it politic? Vanity asks the question, Is it popular? But conscience asks the question, Is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him that it is right.” Dr Martin Luther King Jr., 1929-1968

Transition Action Plan:

  • Pledge to go vegan
  • Issue a “go vegan” challenge; ask membership to pledge to at least try it for 30 days.
  • In all of your correspondences end with a statement that the most basic scientific empirical fact is that consuming lower on the food chain (plants) is the most efficient way to live, that the present demand for livestock products is the leading cause of the energy consumption and environmental pollution, deforestation and ecocide and that a vegan shift would also alleviate many of the social justice issues we are suffering
  • Link your website and correspondence to websites that offer vegan transition tips, recipes and provide more detail on the importance (see links below)


  • The Simple Solution is Getting the Elephant on the Table
  • Letter from a Vegan World- Joanna Lucas of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
  • Animal Rights The Abolitionist Approach by Gary Francione
  • Blood and Soil: Lierre Keith, Michael Pollan, and the Trouble with Locavore Politics by John Sanbonmatsu
  • The Veganrd Countering Claims Against Vegan Diets
  • Livestock and Climate Change by The World Watch Institute (states world livestock production contributes over 50% compared to world transport’s mere 13% to climate change)
  • Livestock’s Long Shadow by The UNFAO (stated livestock production contributes 17.5% compared to world transport’s 13% to climate change)
  • Putting Meat on the Table by The PEW Commission
  • Position Paper of the American Dietetic Association on Vegetarian Diets
  • A Vegan but not an Activist? Sure. An animal lover but not a Vegan? Nope. By Stephanie Earnst
  • A Life Connected by Non-Violence United (11 min)
  • Making the Connection by The Vegan Society (8 short vignettes 3 to 6 min each)
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Plant-based Nutrition
  • The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol Adams
  • Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows by Melanie Joy
  • Indigenous veganism: Feminist Natives do eat tofu by Margaret Robinson
  • The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle
  • Earthlings
  • Vegucated
  • The Politics of Extinction- Remain a parasite OR become an Earth Warrior By Captain Paul Watson
  • Cowpiracy: The Sustainability Secret (Added to this list after letter submitted – new film as of 2014) 
  • The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness (added to this list after letter submitted- 7.12.2012)
  • Humans are Natural Plant Eaters