Truth or Drought

Making the connection between animal-based diets & the devastating water shortages. Many sharable, informative infographics and quotes on our Facebook page:

Your Vegan Fallacy Is

A vegan fallacy is usually just a logical fallacy, which is to say that it is based on a flaw in reasoning. The foundations for these ideas come from a variety of sources, but the result is the same: People choose not to challenge misconceptions about veganism, even though they fall apart under scrutiny. This web site is designed to help you identify and respond to this shaky logic wherever it may be found.

Case Stickers (2)

Show your support with this set of two stickers perfect for phone and tablet cases and computers. Cut them down to what ever size or shape needed.

Vegan Shift Logo: Measures 4″ x 1″

Vegan (Compassion, Nonviolence, For the People, For the Planet, For the Animals): Measures: 5″ x 1.5″

The Restore-Our-Planet Diet: Food Choices, Our Environment, and Our Health

This book is perfect for people transitioning to a vegan diet as well as for seasoned vegans. The Restore-Our-Planet Diet describes conceptually first the detrimental impacts on the environment of our prodigious meat and dairy consumption, as well as the negative health impacts on chronic diseases. It then illustrates the individual impacts through side-by-side comparisons of meat dishes with vegan counterparts. You’ll see how much water you save, how much manure you eliminated, and how much greenhouse gas you diverted when you choose the vegan version over the meat version. It is illustrated for beef, pork, chicken, and dairy recipes. The book also gives a comparison of our anatomy with carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores; and finally, it concludes with a few chapters of scrumptious recipes.