V Girls Club

We are voodies and voyagers who love to explore cool vegan food and lifestyle products around the world. We love this natural and cruelty-free lifestyle and want to share our experiences with people who want to look for healthy, ethical and eco-friendly options. The mission of V Girls Club is to introduce a vegan product or service every week via our website and YouTube channel.
V Girls Club was founded by Angie P. and Elaine White, two people with very different dietary preferences, jobs and backgrounds and seem to have nothing in common except their support for “no shark’s fin” pledge. Guess this is what we call opposites attract? Writer and director Angie takes care of scriptwriting and directing of V Girls Club while Elaine helps with producing and marketing side. Quite a perfect match actually. They lead a team of V Girls to bring interesting vegan news and products to people in Hong Kong and beyond.

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