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Director Jeremy Seifert investigates how
loss of seed diversity and corresponding laboratory assisted genetic
alteration of food affects his young children, the health of our planet,
and freedom of choice everywhere. GMO OMG follows one family’s struggle
to live and eat without participating in an unhealthy, unjust, and
destructive food system. In GMO OMG, the encroaching darkness of unknown
health and environmental risks, chemical toxins, and food monopoly
meets with the light of a growing global movement to take back what we
have lost. Has the global food system been irrevocably hijacked? Is
there still time to reclaim its purity, protect biodiver- sity and save

director and concerned father Jeremy Seifert is in search of answers.
How do GMOs affect our children, the health of our planet, and our
freedom of choice? And perhaps the ultimate question, which Seifert
tests himself: is it even possible to reject the food system currently
in place, or have we lost something we can’t gain back? These and other
questions take Seifert on a journey from his family’s table to Haiti,
Paris, Norway, and the lobby of agra-giant Monsanto, from which he is
unceremoniously ejected. Along the way we gain insight into a question
that is of growing concern to citizens the world over: what’s on your
– See more at:

Merchants of Doubt

In their new book, Merchants of Doubt, historians Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway
explain how a loose–knit group of high-level scientists, with extensive political connections,
ran effective campaigns to mislead the public and deny well-established scientific
knowledge over four decades. In seven compelling chapters addressing tobacco, acid rain,
the ozone hole, global warming, and DDT, Oreskes and Conway roll back the rug on this
dark corner of the American scientific community, showing how the ideology of free
market fundamentalism, aided by a too-compliant media, has skewed public understanding
of some of the most pressing issues of our era.


UNITY is a unique film about compassion for all beings, or all “expressions of
life,” and going beyond all “separation based on form,” and beyond
perceiving opposites. Writer/Director Shaun Monson, collaborating with
an astounding cast of 100 celebrity narrators (never before gathered in
the history of film-making), presents a message of love, tragedy and
hope, all set against the backdrop of some of the most compelling 20th
and 21st Century footage imaginable.

The Superior Human?

The Superior Human? is
the first documentary to systematically challenge the common human
belief that humans are superior to other life forms. The documentary
reveals the absurdity of this belief while exploding human bias.

PlantPure Nation

After renowned nutritional scientist and bestselling author T. Colin
Campbell gives a stirring speech on the floor of the Kentucky House of
Representatives, his son, Nelson, and Kentucky State Representative Tom
Riner work together to propose a pilot program documenting the health
benefits of a plant-based diet. Once the legislation goes into
Committee, agribusiness lobbyists kill the plan. Undeterred, Nelson
decides to try his own pilot project in his hometown of Mebane, North

What the Health

What the Health is a groundbreaking feature-length documentary from the
award winning filmmakers behind Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives was launched in 2011 as a feature
documentary. Backed by scientific research, the film presents a radical
but convincing case that modern diseases can be prevented, halted, and
often reversed by leaving animal-based and highly refined foods off the
plate … and adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet instead.

A Delicate Balance

Three years in the making, A Delicate Balance is a succinct production featuring candid interviews with some of the world’s leading experts (including
mainstream researchers, doctors, nutritionists, cattle
ranchers,environmentalists and politicians) from Harvard to Cornell to
Tufts. The film predominantly explores the effects of animal
protein on the human body and the environment and will help you make
informed choices to reduce your personal impact.

Cowspiracy Shorts

These short videos featured on Cowspiracy’s Facebook and YouTube channel get the message across quickly and are great for sharing on social media sites.