Peace a’ Pie vegan pie cups

Peace a’ Pie is a delicious little company located in West Palm Beach, Florida. We happily create vegan desserts with a strong focus on your well-being and the health of our wonderful planet.
Selecting the best possible ingredients allows us to make beautiful art. We approach the making of pie cups as a creative action, one that is positive and helpful to ourselves and others. We use 100% pure Canadian maple syrup as a responsible alternative to refined sugars, and only utilize health-supportive ingredients for an authentic guilt-free experience. Our pie cups are not only seriously delicious, but serious about your health.
Every ingredient we use is organic, non-GMO, ethically sourced, and earth-friendly. Peace a’ Pie is determined to gift our planet a wonderful contribution in the form of a healthier you. We believe with zero refined sugars and 100% love we can change the world, one tummy at a time.